Welcome to My New Adventure

Hey.  How ya doing?  Welcome to my little corner of the web.

I was on Facebook the other day, talking with some friends that had attended a Food Blogger conference, primarily for people with food allergies.  I made a comment somewhere along the lines of “Blogging sounds fun, but who wants to read a blog that is not about a specific thing, and is written by an actress, wanna be singer, office drone, karaoke queen, beginning burlesque dancer, certified nerd, music lover, celiac, movie buff, non-cooking, totally random person????”  Enough people said “ME silly” that I decided to create a blog and see what happens.

So, why TowerofMel?  Because I am lazy and it is the descriptor that friends have used for me for over 6 years and I like it.  Tower, because as a 6′ tall woman, I am, and Mel because it is a nickname that has managed to stick and that I like.  If I come up with something more creative, I’ll let you know, but for know, this works.

What will you see on this blog?  Well, I thought I would share some of my random thoughts, details on events I go to, tell you about some of the cool people I know, food reviews (dude, it is HARD finding yummy stuff still if you are Gluten Free), reviews of shows, books, movies, pretty much anything and everything that crosses my mind.  If you like it, let me know.  If you hate it, let me know nicely.  =)

So that’s that.  Welcome to my little corner of the universe.  Hope you like your visit.



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