From Bitter Celiac to Grateful Celiac

I was not having a good week.  For whatever the reason, my nerves were close to the surface and lots of things were making me grumpy.  And I am not naturally a grumpy person!

Wednesday was “Birthday Food Day” at work.  I always bring something in for myself and my GF/SF/CF co-worker.  And she brings something in.  And…..that was all we could eat.  Which we were pretty much ok with.  Until I opened an e-mail from one of my co-workers saying that she was going to be buying pizza for “everyone.”  Yes.  I used quotations around the word everyone.  Because they got Bacci pizza, which I don’t think has even heard of a gluten free option.  Fine.  I grumbled under my breath about it, but then, THEN, they went and placed their pizza between the 2 people who could not eat it!!  Ok.  I get that it was the open desk and the easiest place to put it.  But it was like a form of Chinese Water Torture!  I’m calling it Italian Smell Torture!  Where you spend an entire day smelling something that you absolutely, positively, cannot eat….and it drives you crazy!

So that was day one of me becoming bitter celiac.  The second day was somewhere on the floor there was ice cream for “everyone”.  Except, they were Drumsticks, and once again, I got to sit and watch all of my co-workers eat them in front of me.  It really got under my skin that my co-workers did not even stop to think about it.  Hell, they order lunch for everyone, and they don’t even get a salad that can be enjoyed.  It is a lack of thought that just makes it hard to feel a part of the “team”.

So, I’m in bitter celiac mood, when someone who invited me to their event, who I really did not know that well, sent me a tweet asking in Rice Krispies were GF.  She knew I was coming to her event and she wanted to make sure there was something there that I could eat.  Not knowing what she had come up with, I brought my own sausages, chips, and alcohol.  She had labeled everything so I knew what was in things and she made a quinoa black bean dip that was delicious.  She did not have to make anything, but the fact that she thought enough of me to make sure I had something to eat helped grow my heart back to normal size after the debacle at work.

But what made my heart go back to normal size and totally erase the bitterness from the past week occurred today.  I was invited to a Bridal Shower, and honestly, when I accepted, I did not plan on having anything to eat.  Nope.  The BRIDE (wow) made sure that I had food.  There were Schar rolls, a pasta with meat sauce, a pasta salad, some seasoned sliced cucumbers (she made cucumber sandwiches for everyone else), and some meat.  W-O-W!!!  I honestly teared up when she took me back to show me what I could eat.  I couldn’t eat the cake, but I am so sweeted out from the past couple weekends that I really did not care!

What did I learn this week?  That there are people out there who will not give a thought to what you can and cannot eat, which is fine.  They do not live with it and we cannot expect others to care.  But, when someone takes the time to make sure that there is food available for you to eat, words cannot express how “normal” it makes you feel, how welcome, how a part of a community.  And for everyone who has done that, I thank you.

And next time, I promise I will write one of the other NON-GF related posts that have been rattling around in my head




3 responses

  1. Having just finished our show week, I have to say that the Savoyards are an amazing group. Not only do we put on incredible shows, we eat well backstage–and there are enough people with food allergies/intolerances/restrictions that almost everything is labelled. Gluten free, vegan, dairy, mushrooms, corn, wheat, sugar free; you name it, we do it. Exception: deviled eggs. If you can’t identify them as eggs without help, you probably wouldn’t make it in our group.

  2. Great that you got GF Rice Krispies! How long did you know the coworker who bought everyone pizza an ice cream, if not long, its understandable, if over a should talk to him and let him know.

    1. Actually, she ended up not having those, but the fact that she asked made me happy.

      I had been at the company for almost a year at the point of the pizza/ice cream incident. It took about 4 more months before several people started to include me, food wise.

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