Wow. Have I ever fallen off the blogging band wagon! This is not good at all.

So, what have I been up to in the eternity since I last wrote? Took some burlesque classes, performed in a fund raiser, played a drag queen, completed a year of employment, saw some movies, planned a trip, did my best to stay gluten free, and just lived. Maybe not as much as I would have liked, but it is all about making small steps.

If you know anything about me, it is that I am an Anglophile. My biggest regret is not studying in England during college, but I figure that there is always hope and a way to do it. I am a Whovian, but still not versed in the Classic Series. I devoured “Downton Abbey” in a weekend of voracious watching. Currently enjoying “Sherlock”, but taking the time to enjoy and savor each morsel of that.


As such, it always makes me smile when an actor I enjoy shows up in an unexpected place. This weekend it was John Barrowan, and the movie was ZERO DARK THIRTY.

First off, YES, this is a good movie. But the scenes of torture made me ashamed, and a bit embarrassed, to be an American. I honestly do not see how treating people like that helps us out in any way, and made me go “well, no wonder other countries hate us.” I hated my country for doing that. I am sure that there are those people who work in national security who could argue how it was beneficial, but I have a hard time buying it. Anyway, I was watching the movie, when all of a sudden, quite out of the blue, I see John Barrowman on screen. Well, being the 10 girl that I am, I shook my fist at the screen and **whispered**, “BARROWMAN!”  If you have not seen the clip I am speaking of, I highly recommend that you do a YouTube search.  Seriously.  Go to YouTube, type in Barrowman, and it is the first clip that comes up.  It’s kind of awesome, in a geeky, British sort of way.  And then see ZERO DARK THIRTY.  If for no other reason than to see what waterboarding really was *shudder*, and enjoy about a minute of John Barrowman on screen.

And hopefully I will remember to blog again, sooner rather than later this time.




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