Some of My Heroes

My heroes do not wear capes.  They learned their lesson from Edna Mode (“No Capes!”).  They do not star in major motion pictures or score the winning touchdown at football games.  They are not famous.   My heroes are the people who are so comfortable in their own skin that it does not matter one iota what others think, which is something that I have always admired and tried to learn from their example.  My heroes are all insanely talented.  My heroes like to give back in ways big and small.  My heroes have all faced challenging situations and come through it with their dignity and humor intact, and with a strength of character and spirit that is inspiring.  I want to tell you about 4 of my many heroes.  These women inspire me on a daily basis, and I hope you can find inspiration in their stories, as well as in the stories of the people around you.

The first person I want to talk about is no longer with us.  Her name was Brittanie Hanson, but almost everyone knew her as Siobhan.  We were not imgresclose, but we talked at work. Maybe it was because we competed over similar roles.  Maybe it was because she so fully accepted herself and all of the things that made her unique while I was still trying to figure out who I was and how to love myself.  She wore her Star Wars fandom on her arm,  would quote Eddie Izzard when the mood struck (my first introduction to him), read science fiction books that I had not heard of but sounded fascinating, and lived every day to its fullest.  I was not living in Orlando at the time that she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, an almost always terminal diagnosis.  Yet she REFUSED to give up.  Her family of co-workers had purple dog tags printed that said, “Don’t tell me the odds,” which was her motto when she got her diagnosis.  She fought every day, was positive every day, and continued to educate me through her Facebook postings.  She lost her battle within 6 months of her diagnosis, but she fought until the very end.  She showed me that there are people out there who will accept you and love you for who you are and not ask you to change, that you can love the things you love and be loud and proud about it and not care if people thought it was weird/dorky/different.  Because of how she lived and died there are hundreds of people out there who cannot see a dragonfly and not think of Siobhan.

196172_544739462659_1583979_nMary Ann Douglas has the perfect initials because she is, in the absolute best way, completely MAD!!!  Quirky, hilarious, unique, she is someone that I have admired for years because she is so comfortable in her own skin and does not care what anyone else thinks about her.  I have always had a rough time doing, in fact I wanted to fit in so much I denied parts of myself, and watching her do it on a daily basis just made me realize what I was missing out on by not being fully me.  As an added bonus, her absurd sense of humor and unique way of looking at life just made every time I got to work with her an adventure in the many ways my sides could hurt from laughing so hard!  She is quick to point out that so much of her positive outlook on life stems from her family who told her; “You can be as beautiful as Venus, but looks fade and you are left with your personality.  Just look at Great-Grandma.  She’s a wonderful person, but looks like a prune!”  What a fantastic way of looking at things!  As with all of my heroes, there is another reason she is on here, one that ties in with her comfort in her skin.  At 13 she faced a serious illness and spent the better part of 4 years in hospital.  To keep her siblings from being scared or to keep herself from crying, she dealt with this adversity with humor.  As she said, when you are fighting for your life, what other people think of you does not matter and that she developed a different sort of confidence.  And when those moments that everyone has, when they worry about the superficial or what other people think, she reverts to the thinking that if someone likes her, it is scars and all — but if they don’t, in the end it does not matter.  Since I did not even know all of this until recently, she has definitely succeeded in not letting any of this define her.  But she has succeeded in showing a positive way to live your life, love you, and not care what anyone else thinks.  It is a joy to know her, and giggle at her antics from afar.

2212_82077330504_6848_n Next up is Angelyn Rhode.  I knew her a little bit because we worked together, but I did not really get to know her until we did a show together.  At first I thought she was going to be the biggest bish on the face of the earth.  Yes, I am ashamed to admit I pre-judged based on my limited interactions.  But in doing the show, I learned that she is a fantastic dancer with a beautiful soprano voice and a spirit that was as bright as her name.  And we became friends.  A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She went through all of her treatments with a positive attitude.  When she knew she was going to start losing her hair, she staged “The Great Shave,” where a friend who wore his head bald shaved hers for her.  She was just as beautiful without hair as with.  When she knew the type of cancer and how it could come back, she had a double mastectomy.  She inspires me to find the best of a situation and how to use everything we are given to live our best life.  Now, she spends her time raising awareness and raising money to help others who are fighting Breast Cancer.  In two years, her organization Music for Melons has raised over $4,500 for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer by, among other things, staging productions.  She also runs Hats by Angelyn, which makes and sells beautiful crocheted hats and donates 20% of each sale to Music for Melons.  Beautiful, positive, caring, passionate, talented.  Is there any doubt why she is one of my heroes?

Lastly is the person who became my first friend in Chicago, Mary Fran Wiley.  When I made the move to Chicago from Orlando I only knew the 481122_10101770610464250_1385127996_nperson I was dating.  Mifa and I worked for the same company and soon it became a ritual for us to run over to Starbucks as soon as I got in to mentally prepare ourselves for a day dealing with rejection over the phone.  We both left that company about a month apart, and life happened.  I was in the middle of the ending of the relationship that brought me to Chicago when she was in a horrible car accident.  Sadly, I was too selfish to see her, but I tried to stay in touch.  When told she might never walk again, she trained to run a 5k.  She got a job in a different city and went back to school to improve her graphic design skills.  Started blogging about GF baking and published an e-book.  Got her dream job as a web designer and purchased her first pair of Louboutins.  Lives her life with what she calls her “deep dark secret”  and tried to keep her friends from knowing because she did not want them to treat her any differently.  She is another friend of mine who is inspiring for who she is and how she is choosing to face adversity.   She inspires me to fight when told something is not to be, to look for and make my own opportunities, to make those big purchases and splurge on myself every once in a while, and to find the positive, even when it is hard.

These are just a few of the people I know who have overcome.  All of them are under 30 which just amazes me because I know they will continue to inspire.  They have touched my life and helped inspire me to reach inside myself, love myself, accept who I am and how I look, and to take the challenges life hands me with a positive, don’t quit outlook.  And be me, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I thank all of my friends for being awesome, inspiring, motivational, educational, and wicked fun.



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