The Iron Man 3 Moment that Bugged me

I went to see Iron Man 3 on Saturday (enjoyed it, liked a lot, not sure if I loved.  May need to see again).  There is one thing in the movie that jumped out and made me happy/irate.

Here is the dialogue:

Tony Stark:  “I don’t even know what I had for breakfast this morning.”

Jarvis:  “Gluten Free waffles, sir.”

To be honest, a part of me jumped up and down inside to hear a Gluten Free shout out in a major Hollywood blockbuster.  But another, larger, part of me sank like a rock.  

The reasons are simple:

1) There has been no sign in any movies that Tony Stark has any sort of gluten intolerance whatsoever.  See:  Shawarma eating at the end of The Avengers.

2)  If there is no gluten intolerance, then he is eating it because eating GF is the “hip, trendy” thing to do.  Based on evidence in all films Tony Stark has appeared in, he wants to do whatever is current and hip.

And that is the rub.  There are products out on the market that claim to be gluten free, but when you look at them closer, you discover that they really are not safe at all for anyone with gluten intolerance to ingest.   We are fighting a poorly informed media spreading false information, people who are eating it “just because” and giving those of us who need to be militant a bad name/making it so servers and chefs do not take precautions.

Yes, a lot of good Gluten Free products are out on the marketplace.  Yes, the rise in people being diagnosed has helped with that.

So, while it sounds great to have Tony Stark have Gluten Free waffles for breakfast, I just have one message to Hollywood:

I am not a fad.  Neither is my health.  



8 responses

  1. I had the exact same feelings!

  2. I am going to see the movie tomorrow, I’ll have to look for this. I’m not sure what your Shawarma reference is for. I remember that part of the movie from Avengers, but I get shawarma at several local Greek establishments that serve it over rice and with a side of salad. Maybe my experiences with it skewed my perception.

    1. The Shawarma scene was the end credit scene at the end of Avengers. It is all of the gang chilling out, eating shawarma in a pita.

  3. Here’s my issue. If Tony is gluten intolerant, then why did he ask the kid for a tuna fish sandwich? The bread could very well be made from wheat, rye, ect. Was he taking a risk or thought/knew the kid was gluten free? Something doesn’t click right.

  4. Maybe he just likes gluten free waffles. Gwenyth Paltrow is gluten free, maybe it was as simple as he was exposed to them through her…and instead of making fun of people who are gluten free he was giving some positive light to eating gluten free. My Celiac son saw this movie with his teenage friends & they all were elbowing him & saying ‘way to go Matt!’
    Big difference compared to how the Disney Channel recently poked fun at a nerdy kid who had to eat gluten free. I say kudos Ironman.

    1. There is no denying that it was a neat moment to see, and a small part of me cheered. But later in the film he takes the kids sandwich (or asks for one…I do not remember) and does not see if the bread is GF. I would say the mention is a win, but when it comes to raising awareness in a positive way, it gets a nice try but you make it look like a fad.

  5. Yep, right now I have nothing else to do than to comment on Tony Statk’s eating habbits.

    1. Maybe it was gluten free Shawarma?
    2. I have a friend who can’t eat gluten so I sometimes bake cakes and stuff gluten free too just because I like it. Even just for me alone.
    3. Maybe our dear Tony just likes gluten free waffles?

    Now on with my day.
    Best regards

  6. May be he eats gluten free because it’s healthier over all, but still eats some wheat/gluten? I’m 100% gluten free coeliac, but my sister is gluten/wheat intolerant, and does sometimes eat normal bread products. Perhaps this is it?

    Either way, it’s good to see it being mentioned mainstream.

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