Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the 74th Hunger Games.  Wait.  Nope, that’s not me.  The Force will be with you, always.  Well, I hope so, but again, DSC00906not my movie.  Ok, before this gets out of hand, welcome to my space.  I am the Tower of Mel.  Why am I the Tower of Mel?  Well, I am a 6′ tall woman who also loves to wear heels, leading some of my friends to call me the “Tower of…” and the name just stuck.  Mel is short for my first name.

I am a Celiac, so I rock the GF lifestyle, I am an actress, Gluten Free living advocate, movie buff, musical geek, pseudo-gamer (rockin the PS2), and self-described geek…so long as it does not relate to science or math.  A pop-culture geek.

From Michigan, lived in Orlando for 8, and and am currently residing in Chicago.  Waiting to see what doors life opens up for me to jump through.

Enjoy and don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts!  Perhaps they will guide mine in a new direction.

5 responses

  1. So, Mel, I googled myself and found your blog! What an interesting read on so many levels! Hope you are well 🙂

    1. I am glad you found it! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I always love reading your blog! As we plan for the Eighth Annual Gluten Free Food Fair in Grand Rapids, MI, we have come up with some interesting advertising ideas. Please email me. I’d love to get your thoughts (and some may require your permission…)

    1. Hi Becca! I don’t have your e-mail, but I would love to help out with the 8th annual GFFF in GR (wow, that is an alphabet soup!) shoot me a line at geekilygf@gmail.com

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